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Religious diversity at Hall Park


Year 5 started an investigation in Key Stage 2 all about the religious diversity in our school.
We asked each class about the different religions in their classes.

Today with my Y5 and Y6 school councillors we interviewed some children who have different faiths and religious beliefs.

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Our equality rules


Today we started to discuss how Hall Park shows equality… we came up with a great summary!

Equal isn’t giving everyone the same it is giving everyone what they need to thrive and feel part of our team.



We also looked at some vocabulary and tried to explain what the words meant:

Ø Identity is… who you are, what makes you you!

Ø Gender is… whether someone is a male or female. 

Ø Race is… the colour of skin you have, it doesn’t make you different (though you might look different) different races make the world’s faces.

Ø Religion is… a belief in a faith or God that guides people in their everyday life.

Ø Disability is… something that challenges a person and the way they live but doesn’t prevent them from trying to achieve to their goals.

Ø Sexuality is… something that shouldn’t be judged.  You love who you love and it doesn’t matter who that is. 

Week 4 Minutes


School Council Meeting Minutes:


Tuesday 26th September
Aim: To discuss vocabulary relating to equality and consider some rules that reflect our behaviour in school
Outcome: To create a set of rules and glossary
Actions: To develop rules and glossary into a child friendly policy
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