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Pupil Voice


This term the school council will be focusing on pupil voice. Each class has a pupil voice book. In this book the school councillors  will record any new ideas, changes and suggestions they would like to put forward to Mrs Bowker and other teachers in school. We will collect the ideas and discuss them each week. We will be inviting Mrs Bowker to a school council meeting towards the end of term and writing letters to any other staff that are involved. The school councillors in key stage 2 will also be keeping us updated with their classes ideas on the blog so keep a look out.


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Pupil Voice


This weeks suggestions from School Council:

Year 5 – “Can KS2 have Friday Favourites?” This has been added to our list for when we meet with Mrs Bowker.

Year 4 – “Can KS2 have a uniform for games lessons outside?” The children have suggested Lytham Hall Park track suit bottoms and jacket. This will be discussed with Miss Kirkham and Mr Billington who lead PE throughout the school.

Year 3 – “Can we have chalk on the playground to draw a hop scotch on?”

Year 2 – “Can we have napkins at dinner time especially on the days we have gravy?” This is going in our letter to Anne Marie with some other suggestions.

The school councillors are doing an excellent job of discussing ideas with their class and reporting back each week. We will keep you updated on any changes and any more suggestions.

Pupil Voice


This half – term the school councillors have been given a book to record any views, thoughts and suggestions from their class about what the children want at school. The children can suggest ideas for things they would like to change and new ideas they have for the school. Each week we discuss the children’s ideas and discuss who the idea would be best discussed with in the school.

Any changes or new ideas that need to be discussed with Mrs Bowker or other members of staff are being put onto a list and then the school council will arrange a meeting with the appropriate staff member.

Some of the ideas so far:
Year 6 – “Grow your own vegetable competition.” This will be discussed with Miss Newton and Mrs Tomlinson to link in with gardening club.

Year 5 – “More sports clubs like we had last year.” This has been discussed with Miss Kirkham and she will update us on new clubs through a new PE and Sports notice board that will be put up in the dinner hall.

Year 4 – “To choose their own reading books to take home.” This is now being put into action throughout the school.

Year 3 – “Having a reading room at playtime or being able to take your reading book outside at dinner and playtime.” This will be added to our list to discuss with either Mrs Bowker or Mrs Curl.

Keep an eye on our blog to see what other ideas the school council are discussing on behalf of their classes. 🙂

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