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Fairtrade Article


Please click the link below to read the Fairtrade article as mentioned in the previous post.


Fairtrade Article



The school council received a letter from Tess on behalf of year four regarding Fairtrade. This is what the letter said:

Dear School Council,

In year 4 we have been learning all about chocolate and Fairtrade this term. Fairtrade helps the farmers who grow things like cocoa to get a good price for the things they grow, This means that they can let the children go to school and can build pipes to get clean water so that they are healthier. School can support Fairtrade too. We could use Fairtrade tea and coffee for all school events and we could have a Fairtrade stall at the school fair? If you look at it will tell you about it. We could have a good time and help other children too. Please could you chat about whether this is a good idea.

Yours Sincerely,


The school council discussed Tess’s letter and the school council also agree that Faritrade is a very worthy cause to support and are interested in finding out how we can support Fairtrade as a school. We were able to organise a Faritrade stall with the support of Tess’s mum and the local church to attend our school summer fair. The stall was an excellent success and it has also provided us with a contact so that we can carry on supporting Fairtrade and raising the Fairtrade profile within school.

There will be an article attached soon from Jo who held the Fairtrade stall at the school summer fair. This article will also be in the local express paper.

The school council look forward to finding out more about Fairtrade and raising the profile of Fairtrade within school so keep an eye on the blog to keep up to date!

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