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Week 6


What was our focus this week?
We proudly presented our new equalities policy for children to our school governor’s last week.

What did we do?
We created a PPT and shared our journey about equality so far.
The governors asked us questions about our learning and what we plan to do next in school.

What are our actions for next week?
We discussed displaying our A-Z of equality in school so all children can see our message.

Week 3


What was our focus this week?
This week we looked at the impact of Black History Month by completing a questionnaire.

What did we do?
We completed a questionnaire and rated our knowledge, understand and enjoyment.

What are our actions for next week?
We are looking at the Christmas fair and what we are going to make for our craft stall.
Our Year 5 and 6 school council members are meeting our school governors to discuss our child friendly equalities policy. We are going to discuss our script and PPT.

Sharing our equality message


Today our team shared our child friendly equality policy.

Practising for our assembly presentation


Today our Y5 and Y6 school councillors gathered to work through a script and powerpoint ready to present our Equality Policy in Key Stage assemblies next week.

Next week is anti-bullying week and the theme this year is ‘All different; all equal’ what a great time to share our message about the importance of equality at Hall Park!

Sharing our equalities policy


This week we didn’t have a school council meeting but our Y5 and Y6 representatives presented our child friendly equalities policy to Mrs Bowker. She asked them lots of questions about equality and the purpose of our policy.

We are looking forward to sharing the policy with staff and children in Key Stage assemblies next term as well as presenting our policy and understanding of equality to the governors in their next meeting.

Week 6 Minutes


School Council Meeting Minutes: Tuesday 10th October

Aim: To explain how and why were are different but all equal

Outcome: To perform a poem about differences

Actions: To complete the equalities assembly PPT
To complete the A-Z of equality

What makes me me?


Today we looked at a poem about how are are different… But we are all equal!

Look at our statements to show our differences.

Untitled from Hall Park on Vimeo.

Week 5 Minutes


School Council Meeting Minutes: Tuesday 3rd October

Aim: To create a note for teachers to explain the work we have been doing around equality

Outcome: To encourage class teachers to share the SC blog with their classes

Actions: To look at how the school council blog is used – pupil participation

Religious diversity at Hall Park


Year 5 started an investigation in Key Stage 2 all about the religious diversity in our school.
We asked each class about the different religions in their classes.

Today with my Y5 and Y6 school councillors we interviewed some children who have different faiths and religious beliefs.

WIN_20171002_13_51_14_Pro from Hall Park on Vimeo.

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Equality: Gender


What is meant by gender equality?

Should boys and girls be allowed the same things?

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