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Children in Need 2017


What an exciting morning. We had a visit from Gilly and Graham from BBC radio Lancs and their rickshaw. They’ve been riding all around Lancashire raising money for a great cause!

Our school council explained what we’ve been doing to raise money this week.

Children in Need games


We started our fundraising today…

Children in Need prizes


So all next week during lunchtime we will be running two games to raise money for Children in Need.

Each game will cost 50p! Please support this good cause and try to win a prize.

These are our prizes…

Week 7 minutes


School Council Meeting Minutes: Tuesday 24th October

Aim: To discuss Children in Need activities

Outcome: To choose games to run to raise money for charity

Actions: To create ‘Where is Pudsey?
To create ‘Guess the spots in the jar’ game
To meet and greet Graham and Pudsey in assembly

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